Home Remedies For Tinnitus

Home Remedies: Tinnitus

There are a few things you can do right now at home to help with your tinnitus that should relieve some of the un-comfort. These are treatments and therapies but not permanent cures.

Home Remedies: Tinnitus Relaxation

Stress usually aggravates tinnitus and so taking time to try to properly relax and unwind is important. This is easier said then done with the discomfort of tinnitus drilling into your skull so combine it with exercise like yoga and music to release tension.

Home Remedies: Tinnitus Music or nature sounds

This is especially useful for falling asleep at night and masking your tinnitus sounds. Use a sound or white noise generator to diminish the effect of your tinnitus while you fall asleep and have a timer on so you can drift off without interruption later.

Support Groups and Organisations

Sometimes putting your questions and fears to people in the same position as you can help reduce anxiety and tension of tinnitus and I have compiled 2 lists for people in the UK to contact local tinnitus support groups or organisations that have support for tinnitus sufferers. sometimes Home Remedies For Tinnitus don't offer the same comfort as first thought.

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