Tinnitus Treatment In Development To Stop Ringing In Ears

Tinnitus treatment discovery leads to new hope for over 50 million Americans and many more around the world.

University of Leicester medical researchers think they have made a breakthrough that will help people suffering from tinnitus. The condition leaves people with a constant loud ringing in their ears, which is actually a phantom sound. The Leicester scientists hope their research could lead to a drug treatment for tinnitus.

Tinnitus affects millions of people around the world and I have been delving into research about the condition for the past week and blogging about it. If you need a quick info-graphic to explain some stats and explanations about tinnitus then start with the What is Tinnitus? or Tinnitus Info-graphic. There are more related posts to tinnitus at the bottom of this post as well. Doctors say there is no tinnitus treatment currently available currently.

A key feature of the video is the link to the brain and how it is trying to help you really, by filling in gaps in hearing loss with sounds is simply a mind trick that can be corrected with this new tinnitus treatment. This tinnitus treatment discovery leads many to feel new hope from the day-to-day pain of tinnitus. It is also a very emotionally sensitive condition, meaning more stress or anxiety will heighten your perception of it.

There are other similar experiments where hair cells have been successfully regenerated in mice and the hope is to be able to do that to humans in the not too distant future. This combined with the tinnitus treatment above could make the whole process very comfortable. Being a sound mixer I would happily go in for a service every couple of years. Though I do wonder if there would be side effects, like when you have laser eye surgery you lose night vision at least partially so maybe with hair cell regeneration you become too sensitive to sound and it ends up hurting to even listen so clearly to everything.

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