Tinnitus Medication

Tinnitus Medication

There are loads of search results when you type in tinnitus medication. Tinnitus is very uncomfortable in day-to-day living and most of us are too busy already to squeeze other things into our day. But that could be the cause all together.

Tinnitus can be brought on by stress and anxiety, even depression. There is no wonder drug for tinnitus because of the different causes of tinnitus and so medication like antidepressants may sometimes be prescribed in combination with other treatments and therapies such as counselling.

Be careful when searching online for tinnitus medication because it could lead to some placebos or drugs with side effects. It is always very tempting to try to get a quick fix solution but tinnitus is usually the result of nothing wrong but the brain wanting to fill in the sound that is missing from hearing loss. Instead of tinnitus medication try protecting your ears and or masking the sound with white noise etc...

Make sure you stay away from similar sounds and frequencies to your tinnitus or it can exacerbate the condition and cause even more discomfort and possibly pain.

It has been very interesting researching about tinnitus. I started because working in an audio industry tinnitus would have a detrimental effect on my work in the long-term. I take extra care to wear ear plugs and ear protection at really loud gigs and give myself time to properly rest up with no sounds from computers or fridges to give my brain time to recover.

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