Dismantling a Sennheiser G3 to fix tactile switch

Dismantle Sennheiser G3 to fix tactile switch pads Recently I had an issue with the tactile switch on one of my Sennheiser G3s. It wouldn't let me scroll up or down through the menu on the receiver. Very annoying for when you incur any interference on the last bank it was set too.

So I got to work dismantling the Sennheiser G3 but had to first make sure I had a few things for the job.

Torx T8 Security Screwdriver (Xbox 360)

Everything else you should have around your house for general tools but the TX8 screwdriver is a security one for the screws on the back of the G3 and 1 screw to take the front off.

The other tools I used with the T8 Screwdriver:

- 0.050 hex key (any thin bit of plastic would do like a pen) - bit of super glue - Tweezers

Now I did a video for the first part of dismantling the Sennheiser G3 and then replacing the tactile switch is after in pictures.

So then you have it apart you need to replace the tactile switch. You can see four of them on the front face of the circuit.


Because im editing this on my phone waiting for work to start the images aren't very clear so ill explain.

The first is a close up of what we will replace. Tactile switch pad. The second image is with all 4 tactile switches in place and you can see which was I eased off by the final picture using a safety and tweezers.

Then take your new tactile switch (which I bought from the Sennheiser G3 site) and with a bit of glue on the back stick the new one in the same place. You can always put batteries in and turn on the Sennheiser G3 before you put it all back together to see if it works.

I'll update this blog when im at home tonight but wanted to just get something up to go with the video.