Sound Devices 664 Battery / Powering Options

Sound Devices 664 Battery Life etc...

Ive recently been getting a lot of searches on the blog for more information on the different powering options for the sound devices 664 battery life so made this quick post to give some more info.

First there are several ways of powering the 664. Using the internal sound devices 664 battery compartment with 5 AA batteries.

I typically get a couple of hours from 2450mah Ni-Cd batteries. I would advise using rechargeable batteries but not brand new ones. There is an issue with the heat generated from the 664 that they expand and the paint makes the batteries stick inside as the plastic coating expands or even melts. I have had no problem with warn out paint ones. Dont go filing them down either cause you may take off the protective shield from the batteries.

The second way is via external battery. I personally use NP1 style batteries and also the internal AAs to hot swap the NP1s. This is good because it means I can keep the device on. Useful for if your batteries start failing during a take and you dont want to cut.

Sound Devices 664 Battery
Sound Devices 664 Battery

Anyway with Swit NP1 batteries I can get a full recording day out of them. That's 3 radio mics and boom with Phantom power and screen on full brightness. If I was to run it solid till it died I would probably get a good 6 hours out of it. The hot swapping option also makes it last continually, with 3 NP1s and a charger you can go forever :) till your media fills.

Hopefully that answers everything. If not leave me a comment below. Thanks.