Soundtrack Pro Track Analysis Tools

Soundtrack Pro Track Analysis Tool

Soundtrack Pro Track Analysis. This is a very basic tool that can help towards cleaning up your audio tracks. I must stress the importance to always record the cleanest audio possible to save you from the usual hell that is cleaning up bad sound. bad sound, bad dialogue, bad effects all equal one thing, noise!

This analysis part of soundtrack pro is not a professional tool like RX3 and his very limited (in my experience) capabilities in reducing problems with sounds. The click/pops function is the most useful but still far from perfect.

The other areas not covered in the video are:

- Power line hum removal = This reduces the amount of hum from unbalanced inputs that record leaks from cable shields and create a low buzzing, hum sound to your recorded tracks. The hum is often around 50-60Hz

- DC offset = DC offset limits the dynamic range of the audio file and so to correct for this you may want to analyse the file to check DC offset has occurred in your audio.

- Phase issues = Phase issues result usually from distorted or inaccurate stereo image. This can be caused by poor microphone placement and other issues. In some cases converting stereo files to mono results in part or complete cancellation of audio.

- Clipped Signal = When you hit over 0dB on a digital scale clipping happens. This setting will reduce the harsh sound that comes from this but will not solve your problem unless very tiny clipping has occurred. Severe clipping = Rerecording for a professional sound quality.

- Silence = You can basically gate the audio file to have a certain level of silence. If the audio falls below the set threshold then soundtrack pro will consider this silence and essentially delete any small traces of audio such as room tone that was there.