Whats In My Peli Box?

This is a quick overview of what I typically have in my peli box for a corporate shoot. I'm using the Pelican 1620, great case for travelling and getting everything in.

The rough breakdown is as follows:
- Multi tools and adapters
- Hypercardioid Mic (MK41)
- Ktek Bag with Radio mics TX, RX and mics
- More Cables and Adapters
- Timecode Cables and Tentacle sync Boxes
- XLR Cables
- Radio Mic Belts
- Deodorant
- Rycote Stickies
- Phone Block Battery and Cable
- Orca Bag OR32 with 688, windjammer, SL6 and a few other accessories
- Blimp with Schoeps SuperCMIT
- Harness and belt

This is a quick overview of me chucking in some usual items into my Pelicase 1620. Great for bag work and keeping everything neat and tidy :)