Why I Am Now A Director Of Sound


More and more I have been overseeing productions from location sound, right through to the final mix. I have always been honing both my production and post production skills but have mainly focused on where I felt I could deliver the most value to productions. There is nothing to truly replace a great performance than the sound from the location.

The best example is a feature film I did called Utopia which was in the long list for the Oscars 2016, I did location sound and post production was completed in just 4 weeks because I already had a firm idea of the story and sonically what we could do.

What Director Of Sound Means..

Director of sound means I record clear and rich location sound and then depending on the scale of the project either do the post production or for feature length projects oversee a team specialising in Foley, Dialogue editing, Sound Design, Sound Effects and any other needs. 

The Benefits To You...

- Our relationship - we will have already worked with each other on location and have an understanding of what the project needs saving us time in post production. 

- Trust - Having all my post production knowledge on location is like having the editor on set to tell you that this or that cut away or shot can make the film flow better. Well you can have that same effect with sound.

- Budget - You can shave off a couple of hours or days depending on a project's scale when you don't have to explain a project to someone because they have already been there with you all the way. There is no extra time needed to get used to the project or sort it out, we can just start straight off and get going!

- More Creative Time - All the time we save in going over stuff can be used to be more creative in our conversations and final product.

Sound Good?

If this all sounds good then just shoot me an email matt@soundrolling.com and lets get started!!