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What different recording formats mean for your recordings...

These are what different recording formats on the Sound Devices 688 / 633 and 664. 

The different modes are Wav poly / wav poly (ISO Only) / wav poly (LR Only) / wav poly (X1X2) / MP3 (LR) / MP3 (X1X2) / wav mono / Wav Mono (ISO only). All of these only work if you record enable the relevant tracks.

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#1 Reason For Weak Wireless Mic Signal

Often on shoots, especially drama, you need to hide your transmitters, but often some people have complained about range issues in certain positions. 

This is usually because the body is taking out and blocking the signal being sent. This is also to do with if the antenna of the TX pack is touching the actual skin of the talent. When this happens your radio mic signal range will be impacted.

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How To Plan For The Best Sound Recording

Why You Need A Sound Recording Plan

This is very under utilised and implemented in the lower budget areas and even mid tier projects. The more you prepare the less likely you are to fail. Even an outdated map is better than no map at all. The more you understand what environments and situations you are going to be recording in the better. There are so many examples of why this is important that this video would be several hours longer.

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