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What different recording formats mean for your recordings...

These are what different recording formats on the Sound Devices 688 / 633 and 664. 

The different modes are Wav poly / wav poly (ISO Only) / wav poly (LR Only) / wav poly (X1X2) / MP3 (LR) / MP3 (X1X2) / wav mono / Wav Mono (ISO only). All of these only work if you record enable the relevant tracks.

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Difference Stages Of Wind Jamming

To protect our microphones from wind noise and distortion, so we have to slow the air down so it doesn't distort the sound. Now depending on the level on wind protection you need there are different solutions and in the video below i discuss the foam to windjammer and deadcat. 

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Are Active Antenna Worth It: Whip vs Betso Antenna

This is a 3 parter to help you not only see what is better in terms of range but how much by and then different positions of the transmitter so you can get the maximum range. The transmitter power is 25mW which is the max for the UK.

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Sound Cart Battery Solutions from Tracer

This is a new product called "12V 40Ah LiFePO4 Bespoke Battery Pack & Peli™ Case" from the Tracer Product Range.

This battery pack has a weight of 10.7 kg and is 300 x 249 x 196 mm. Charging time of 5-7 hours with recommendations to fully charge at least once every 6 months. Only loosing less than 0.5% power per day through self-discharge. Packed in a Peli case for brilliant protection. Charging life cycle of over 1,400 times. You can see how much power is left and if you need to recharge on the Inside by pressing one button.

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Best Sound Recorder

This is a very tricky post to write about because it's going to be very subjective because I don't know your circumstances. There are however different groups of features to consider for different aspects of work. So I will go through features of many mainstream recorders to help you decide what makes the Best Sound Recorder for you.

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