Sound Chat #17 - Syahrizal Fahlevi (Production Sound Mixer)

I have a chat with Syahrizal Fahlevi about production sound mixing in Indonesia.

How did you get started?

I was starting to learn about the sound department since 1999..first learn is how hold boom mic pole in film school in Indonesia..I got very tired. At college sound film n tv, we have learn sound locations and post production. It was 4 years and was at the college institute art of jakarta. My first proper job was a programme called Spontan which was a comedy, there I was boom operator..

What equipment do you use mostly?

Recorder Tascam HD P2 / Sound Devices 744T.
Mixers, Sound Device 302, 442, 552,
Wireless Sennheiser G3, G2,
Shotgun mics MKH 416,MKH 60,MKH 70, MKH 50.

I rent sound equipment to my clients and so having several different mixers allows me to meet their needs better.

What is the film and TV industry like in Indonesia?

Indonesian film industry and Tv program is good progress and good future industry. It is growing rapidly with lots more production houses being built and i'm finding more and more work.

What is the perception of sound people in Indonesia?

Many people in Indonesia aren't interested in getting a job as a sound recordist but I feel it is becoming more and more appealing as the technology progresses. Generally I give directors headsets so they can check the dialogue and know if it is good or not for performance.

Do you also do any post production sound or go visit post production sound after a shoot?

yes, after shoot film, I checked my result sound recording to make corrections. what I must adjust for my sound recording to next project film or tv.

What is your favourite parts of your job?

I love my job.sound like "YOGA" when I' use headphone and listening audio recorded earlier is like meditations.

What advice do you have for new location sound people?

For newcomer locations sound people, make audio film or tv, you need to go out and do it! Soundmen and women must feel happy and make it the shooting fun and comfort for all team..most importantly, must on time of crew call on locations. Make sure you work with people to still always get the best sound though.