Sound Devices 688 Sound Mixer / Sound Recorder

 - You can plug up to 12 boom or wireless mics into it and record them.
- You can send audio to 3 cameras at the same time and 6 other devices if needed.
- It has a special feature for unscripted dialogue and mixes the microphones into one track.
- It records every microphone separately so in editing you have more control.
- It records to an SD and CF card for a double backup.
- It can record 1 media (SD card as an example) as MP3 for instant transcription uses.
- It has 6 seconds of pre roll and turns on ready to record in 2 seconds, great for documentary.
- Records 192kHz which means you can record slow motion at 100fps and preserve all frequencies.

As a Sound Recordist, having the most flexible gear in the industry is very important for a variety of productions and projects I work on in London and around the world.