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Along with being a sound recordist I build resources to help educate upcoming sound recordists and help people troubleshoot when they don’t know what to google, with this chat bot I can be on hand 24/7.

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Matt Price | London Sound Recordist

I’m a Sound Recordist based in London with all my own gear and over 550+ projects. Mainly focusing around Films and Content. It takes me around the world and I have the privilege to get to hear people from all walks of life.

Mobile: +447999818928

I have over £50,000 worth of equipment and scale from one man band shoots up to feature length films. Name dropping for association of trust and caliber of talent I work with includes: Owen Wilson, Universal Studios, Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, Justin Trudeau, Kylie Minogue, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robbie Williams, Ridley Scott, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Reebok, Google, Facebook, BAFTA Awards and many more…